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In this post we will talk about how to buy domains at a very cheap price using namecheap. By now you know namecheap is an industry leader and the best domain registrar in the world, some will argue that godaddy is the industry leader. These people I suppose have not tried namecheap. You are welcome once again to this blog and and to a great tip on how to buy domains cheaply at namecheap.


Why namecheap domains


Apart from the fact that namecheap provides domain at a really cheap price it also offers great management tools such as sharing access to with other users such as clients if you are a web developer or designer.


Namecheap domains also offer a great interface with very little distractions, the process of buying domains is very straight forward. One thing i found out about purchasing godaddy domains is they try as much as possible to make you buy things you don’t need such as addons and needless extensions. Namecheap dashboard is clean and this helps you buy domains with little steps.


What about namecheap domain renewals


Domain renewals also remain at a very low price, you can renew your domains at at cool 11$ only much cheaper than godaddy or the rest of the competitors out there.


So how can i buy domains at a very cheap price


The method I am going to show you is very easy and will enable you to buy domains at a very cheap price at namecheap, let me introduce you to namecheap coupons. We all know coupons are a great way to buy things online and even offline at a reduced price and namecheap is no exception. Namecheap has a website completely dedicated to providing coupons. 


Namecheap only does not provide coupons for their domain purchase but also provides coupons for their web hosting service. Click here to go to the namecheap coupon page.




Namecheap offers domain names at an affordable price which I strongly recommend to my visitors. Thanks for reading and please share.


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