Dreamhost no cpanel? is it really a bother

One of the first surprises I got when I signed up for dreamhost is their no cpanel. I came from HostGator where cpanel is everything. In fact I never imagined any hosting company not using cpanel. Cpanel was the de facto in web hosting almost every hosting company used it and now dreamhost one of the best web hosting companies decided to do away with it, very frustrating indeed.


When I signed up for dreamhost I immediately searched for their cpanel to start uploading my files, I was previously infected with malware and I had to move out quickly.


I remember when I couldn’t find the cpanel I wanted to go for a refund but I decided I was going to stay with them for a little while. It took me a few days to get accustomed with their dashboard and when I finally did I got hooked and never looked back.


For those who are feeling you made a bad choice by signing up for dreamhost I will suggest you take some time to get used to their dashboard.


No cpanel makes hosting cheaper


One good thing about no cpanel hosting is , it’s cheaper than cpanel hosting. Cpanel is a third party software and so hosting companies pay licensing fees to use it and they pass the fee to the customers, this means if their boss no cpanel the hosting fee is reduced.




Dreamhost is a great host , I have been hosting my websites with them with no problem for a year now. They have a swift and knowledgeable customer service I will recommend them anytime. Thanks for reading and please share this post


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