Dreamhost offers monthly billing and you should try it

I remember I ran out of cash to buy a hosting package. That was after I left the hostgator due to their poor customer service. I went on google search to find any good web hosting company which offers monthly billing and luckily i found dreamhost and i haven’t looked back since. Currently dreamhost is the only hosting company i use. This post will be a question and answer type.

What dreamhost package did you buy and how much do you pay monthly

Currently I am on a dreamhost vps package where I pay a monthly bill of 15$. To me that is great and i get paid monthly and it’s better than taking a lump some of money to pay a yearly hosting fee. That money saved is invested in ads which makes me profit monthly so paying my monthly bill of 15$ to dreamhost is not a problem to me.

How many websites are you hosting on dreamhost

I currently have over 20 websites hosted on dreamhost. Dreamhost offers unlimited websites in their vps account, unfortunately the disk space is limited to 30 gig ssd for the basic vpn plan and 1 gig ram. That is not an issue to me as my website is all text based and takes very few spaces.

Why do you prefer monthly billing to yearly billing on dreamhost

Good question, see i invest a lot on ads. Most of my money goes into ads and i get good returns on my investment at the end of the month from my ads partners such as google adsense, taboola, propeller ads, rev content other ad networks i use. This investment means I have just a little cash to spare, and so I use the money very wisely.

At the end of the month I get my profit from the ads network and then my monthly web hosting. This has been very successful to me and that is why I prefer it over yearly billing.

What are the features of dreamhost vps package

The package which i use is called basic vps plan, it comes with very basic features such as

30 gig ssd space

free ssl

unlimited bandwidth

unlimited domains

If you are looking for the complete dreamhost vps plan features click here to go to dreamhost page


If you are looking for a quality host at an affordable price then i suggest you get a dreamhost vps plan. They are fast, secure and affordable and also offer free ssl from letsencrypt. Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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