Effective Use of Drawing Tools on cTrader

in this video tutorials we’re going to look at how we can draw and annotate our charts on the c treader platform stay tuned hey guys very well welcome to you thank you join me all right so i am in pepperstone’s

sea trader platform uh pepstone is sponsoring this video so do please check them out the link in the description uh below and help support the channel and go and see if they’re right for you and all that other good stuff now i’m in uh the c trader platform and i’ve kind of been honest with you guys and said i’m really impressed with siege raiders the first exposure i’ve really had to i’ve heard of it i’m aware of it but you know you kind of stay in your lane a little bit don’t you um but in the day now i’ve opened this account it’s a live account we’ve stuck some money in so we get the true representation of what it would be like if you open the account and played around with it and so far you know i like what i see they do offer mt4 as well if you like mt4 and you’re used to that and you can obviously trade through that but this c trader

has obviously got some functions that were built by uh by traders rather than just tech guys so

okay what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna get rid of this uh on the on the side here so we can get rid of the active symbol pane we can place our rulers here and do all sorts of stuff and mess around with that we talked about that before what i want to talk about

specifically in this video is using some of the drawing tools here on the right so a little toolbar set up on the right i’ve got a full screen set so we can go deep dive into the technical analysis and so let’s just kind of go through some of the things that you might have on if you’re trading normal traders will do this you’re doing conducting your ta you’re doing whatever you need to do writing your annotations and bits and pieces so first thing we like to do is we kind of draw trend lines very simple on trend lines

we’re clicking holding down and moving up here and yes

i know trendlines are so like marmite guys you rather draw them on the edge of them you draw them as you’re going along and you’re taking as many candles as you like whatever you suit you i prefer to kind of just eyeball it and have a rough gauge and a rough feel on it

um i can change and adjust it guys i can show the angle of it which is quite nice because if you show the angle you can see okay maybe uses a filtering criteria and so you see okay if the trend line is let’s kind of play around with it and adjust it if the trend line is kind of over 30 or over 25 degrees oh yes i’m going to definitely take that first pull back type trade if it’s a shallow trend under 25 degrees i’m going to wait for a long or unwinding

so you get a little bit of a judgment and it’s something that maybe you can add to your

um kind of trade checklist criteria if we’re in a very steep aggressive trend i need to be a little bit more aggressive my entries because obviously prices really really really lots of demand up to the monarch’s demand small bit of supply

you need to be on that quick ready for a push drive to heist when it’s a shallower trend and again you can come up with a number yourself but let’s say under 25 um hey the demand is there but there’s still a lot of supply

squash in this and it’s not that aggressive of demand so

why don’t i wait for a little bit more of an unwinding several days maybe several weeks

cup and handle type thing rather than that kind of aggressive first pullback slamming straight into the into the offer um so that’s something to think about so trend lines here guys we can play around with it we can extend it to infinity if we want to do that uh snap to chart prices annoys me slightly so i tend to have this off um but it might suit you and all that means is you know when you’re drawing it i can now be kind of free and and tune it where i want to if i had snap to chart prices on what it does is it kind of snaps and only will go

uh to the actual price i can’t kind of put it

you know where i don’t want it we can do it but it just kind of wants to force it a little bit

um so i prefer not to have that on that’s personal preference guys other things as well of course we can make it dotted we can do i like having a thicker trend line change the colors uh to suit you um often you can kind of color code your trendlines good strong trend lines that are worth adhering to thick red maybe smaller ones that are just kind of there

um but you don’t want to overpower them add them thinner have them

uh different color and and kind of make them a little bit um

more see-through you know you so you can just go and just go you can just see it there i don’t

overpowering my chuckles there’s nothing worse guys than having a massive horrible thick lines multiples i’ve seen some guys have them there’s so many on the charts like i can’t see price can’t see what i’m doing clueless i feel like i’m flying blind so nice to touch that you can just change the opacity

opacity of um of the line

okay so um let’s go and do some other bits and pieces horizontal line pretty standard stuff guys here i’ve got it set to a kind of reasonable thing uh setting on this so once

what we can do though guys is we can um make

a horizontal line thick and that’s fine and again we can

kind of just make it a little bit more transparent if we prefer

and that’s good i like things like this if you want to go one step further and those of you kind of follow the channel no this isn’t big surprise to you i’m a big fan of rectangles

because this then covers a more broader area so rather than drawing the single line

we can draw the rectangle for resistance and support fill it with color make it a little bit more transparent and then we have a zone rather than an actual line so i’m not going to go into huge details about why i prefer to do this but it’s if if you’re on board with this and you get it as well this is a nice thing to be able to do and again being able to kind of adjust the transparency

um is a useful tool to have so there’s our trend lines

there’s our rectangles other things we can do is like if we’re taking a trade we can say okay you know let’s imagine we bought here we kind of put our up arrow in and i take the chart add a little bit of text put it in you know trend uh

trend line kiss

long uh 10 per point

fine okay and we can move it around as we like just move it up

uh you know and just have it there trend line kiss long term so we know exactly why we bought that and then later on if we move the trend line off we’ve got a reason a justification why i’ve taken the trade other bits and pieces on here guys you know your circles diamonds up triangles et cetera however you want your fibs your pitchforks your this is quite a good one as well

uh let’s just clear off some of the things on here so we can go objects list removal very quick way of doing it if we’re kind of analyzing stuff um so let’s have a look at this equidistant line so we’ve got this line here we draw it in fine it’s like a trend line then we can drag this

out so if we’re in a uh and you know it seems to be working okay let’s say you d jpy from a channel type environment and we want to use the theory that the kind of distance from low to high is always going to be the same we can drag this as we prefer so some platforms

fix it which is a bit annoying i don’t like that and now we can drag it and go ah you know well actually if we dragged it from the first low to high how does that frame trade well actually

apart from this kind of attempted breakout here not too badly

maybe we kind of bring it in and and frame it like this and somebody say okay well there’s a as a potential target if we’re long now waiting for the breakout to hide maybe our target is going to be you know a 79 uh 28

or whatever it may be again little tools like this just help

guide uh your trade and other bits and pieces as well you know we’ve got a horizontal like vertical line uh vertical line i think is the most underused tool we can get especially when you’re trying to time trade you can look back and go ah look every wednesday we did this more on an intraday chart so if we went on to a 15 minutes gonna 15 minute here um and let’s zoom in a little bit let’s say we wanted to always have a vertical line or kind of be alerted we can draw a vertical line and go right well actually you know what at 7am in the morning we always seem to get a bid let me draw 7am line then as you come to 7am you know hey it’s coming up to 7am maybe there’s a bid come in we have done for the past week or maybe i want to align myself with alongside but i’m digressing guys plenty of tools you can use that just kind of shows you a little bit of an overview of how to kind of put some tool put some drawings and bits and pieces on your chart using the c trader platform so go check them out guys like i say link in the description below that is pepper stone sea trader account

just doing a few little bits i’ve got on the dark mode here also can

change the colors and settings as well have it light if that’s what you prefer take care guys keep the risk managed i’ll see you in the next one bye-bye you

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