How to Automatically Scale Out of a Position on cTrader

in this video traders we’re going to look at how we can automatically scale out of a position on the c trader platform stay tuned hey guys everyone welcome to you alright so peppa stone

are sponsoring this video and i’ve been having a look at one of their platforms with your c trader

cracked open the platform truck some money in it and playing around with it just to see what it’s like

and see what some of the extra functionality that they have got on the platform that others don’t and how useful it can be and one of the features that i find super useful actually the more i kind of look at it i think this is really good for some people for others it might not be relevant whatsoever but if this sounds good to you then maybe you need to go and check them out link in the description below but one of these things what i

really like about what they’ve done with this is the automatic

scaling out of your positions so i’m going to hit the screens in a moment and i’ll show you how it works so you can see working example but imagine you had a position on 10 pound a point imagine you wanted to take half off at 20 pips

then you want to take another one off at 25 a little more for 50.

you wanted to scale out the position as the price went in your favor but you wanted to do that automatically now this means that you can walk away from the screen and you don’t have to worry

a little voicing in your backyard or backy or your shoulder rocky head or wherever it

voices that goes oh don’t walk away from the screen because you’ll miss it if this price suddenly spikes well no more because you can stick these automatic uh scaling out orders in and you can walk away because what happens is if you’re long and the price suddenly rips up if you’ve got this in you know the market’s going to feed out into it now you might say well it’s not the same as limit

yes you could say that but then if you’re attaching it to a stop sometimes you’ve got

complicated oco orders you’ve got to do this and say well if it does this i want to reduce my stop size by this you know this just does it all kind of for you in one wrapper you can have your stop to break even at a certain level and you can scale out of orders automatically as the price goes in your favor so what this allows you to do is say right if it goes in my favor i want to take out half bit more bit more bit more and it means you can walk away from the screen and not have to worry that you’re going to miss out if the price rips up you can say right i’ve got orders staggered in they’re not it’s not kind of a limit that’s sitting on its own that might take you out of position and then you’ve got to come back and worry about the fact you’ve got a full stop let’s say you’re doing 10 pound a point for example with a spread betting example you’ve got 10 pound points stop and you’ve got limits in for kind of five and then one and then one then that’s fine but if your limits hit you’ve got to have that stop automatically adjust otherwise you know you might end up getting caught out as it comes back reverses you’re in a position you don’t want with this automatic take profit means you can scale out nicely

in a nice little format to look at in a second and go right if i walk away the whole thing is protected the price rips up i know i’m scaling out feeding into that kind of excitement if it doesn’t then great if it plods up i know that my trade is structured nicely so anyway let’s look at a worked example and let’s go and check it out

hey traders how are you doing all right so this video is sponsored by peppa stone and do you know

yes they’re our channel sponsors yes please go and have a look at them see if they’re right for you

um you know they they’re multi-regulated offer all that sort of other stuff one thing i really like about them guys is um you know really the more i look at the c trader platform the more i like it um we’ve got a live account here we truck some money in it we’re testing it out just to soak test it and see what it’s like um to make sure that it’s you know kind of the same as you get if you had a demo experience always recommend opening a demo first and playing around with it but you know when i make sure um that it’s kind of operating as they say it’s gonna operate and you know the more i look at it the more i like this this uh this c trader platform so one of the things i want to show you guys is uh this advanced feature so um i’ve just been playing around putting some orders through but what i’ll do now is i want to put another order through um so let’s say we’re gonna go long gonna have another 10 pounder point uh on the nasdaq here happen to have enqueue on one of the things we’ve got actually is showing these positions on the chart so your viewing options your positions you can have it on or off toggle it on or off if you don’t like it they’re fine

um but you know for this example let’s leave it on and at the bottom here we can see the kind of position running but one of the nice features about this and i’ve done a video exclusively about part of this and like i said i don’t want to um cram loads of features into one video so you can just see what’s right for you just see what’s useful for you and if you’re an active trader if you’re somebody someone in front of the screens all day long but you like to scale out a position this is a very

very useful tool it’s called advanced protection settings and this is one of the things that i do like about this platform

a lot so i’ve done the video i talked a little bit about advanced stop-loss very briefly guys you can move your stop-loss to break even after a certain number of pips so if you don’t want to be at the screen and you like moving your stop-loss to break even

this is the answer to your prayers the only downside is i will say you have to have

um pepperstone c trader running for it to work so it’s pc side

um rather than server side small little issue as long as you’re aware of it most people leave our machines chugging anyway but it means you can go away do whatever you want what i want to focus on this video guys is advanced take profit

very useful so we have clicked uh just a reminder what we’ve done is we’ve gone on to this order that i kind of put in that i’ve had in literally a few minutes ago when i’m playing around with it um but whatever order we’re looking at you do it per order advanced protection settings i click this

and now i go right what i want to do is i want to take some profit stagger profit

i want to kind of take four different profits um

so what i can do is this i can go right i know i’ve got my position size is 10 pounds a point on this on this one particular order so i’m going to take off half of the position

which is five and i’m going to take it off at um

let’s say we take it off for 20 pips okay

and obviously that’s flagging up because i’ve got the same thing there i want to take over 20 pips

so as this starts to move in my direction 20 pips you know

in fact you know let’s put a 15. uh we’ll have to amend it as we’re going guys because the market’s moving as i’m doing the next one i’ll take off i want to take off another bit more uh let’s say i want to take another two here let’s say i want to take off um you know the one here and let’s say i want to take off another one here and i’ll leave one trailing so now we have bracketed this order we’ve said right i’m going to take a farther position if we get to say 12 pips take off another two panel point when we get to 20 pips 30 pips another pound 40 on a pound and i’ll leave one trading it says how long how what i’ve got left if i left it remaining the ring size would be one so this now when i apply this guys and put this through

this allows me to walk away from the machine as long as i’ve left it on and know that i can take partial profits if the market decides to rip up so if i walk away have a break big advocate of taking breaks all that kind of stuff

it means that i have a scaling position in it doesn’t mean i have to put in complicated

orders and canceling this and doing that the other i can link it to one order and say just take profits on that take profits on the next take profits on the next take props on the next if i want to then add a move stop loss to break even let’s say after i’ve taken the first half off i want to move up

half to break even uh take 12 pips so this

first profit for half of this 10 pound point trade would be 12 pips move the stock was to break even after i’ve been filled on that i can play that game and that then allows me

to be free of sitting in front of the screen so it’s

exceptional if you’re into scalping it’s exceptional

if you like trailing out of your position and

it just literally allows you to do all sorts of stuff

um i think it’s a great feature i think they’ve really taken a lot of time to think about this it’s obviously been done by trader um and you can see guys what’s happened here you know it kind of inputs on the chances right this is what you want to do with it

you want to take you know some of the profit when it hits that you want to do this i want to do that so you can see what’s happening and now i can leave it by the way it will shade the advanced protection shield down here in your blotter so as the price is moving uh well as the position’s on should i say you can see you’ve got your advanced protection settings if you want to amend it you can amend it so this means now that you can you know utilize the strategy of let me take the position

let me protect the position with a normal stop loss let me also protect the position with a training stop loss but also more importantly we tend to not want to leave them the screen because we’re worried the market might rip off the upside if we’re long or down to the downside if we show and we’re going to miss out right that’s that’s what we tend to feel and we have that battle internally this allows you to

say okay i will be able to take advantage

if there is a rip up while you’ve gone off to do whatever you want to do and your way you’re taking a break you’ve got other other commitments whatever you’re not on the screen this means that if the market just suddenly rips up you are scaling out into that rip-up and you can adjust it to suit that you can have this where it’s reasonably tight in this example or you can have it you know much further away to take advantage of huge spikes so many uh different ways of doing it and you can kind of see for yourself the opportunity that uh you know this offers i’ve been able to do this so i like this feature guys you know i can

you might be able to tell i think i think it’s a really great feature um and one of the things i really do like about c trade and yes they are our channel sponsor yes um the sponsoring of this video um but i have to say that this is something that might

i like things that benefiting other traders i like things that i know that people will use

and this is one of the things with this platform specifically that i think you know a lot of people might find uh useful so go check it out and actually you can see that we’ve you know been filled and actually real time now we’ve closed off that position off you can see the five is gone the five has gone off down to five on this position now we’ve still got this ten from before five is here we’ve pulled the stop up to break even on this now the stock does not break even you can see and we’ve got the other profit targets ready to be filled and this happens to be the one that we had from before but you see what you see how this works so he’s done it automatically i’m about to do that he’s taking the profit the trade is now locked in i’ve locked in half the deal on that particular trade

other half is to break even enough it carries on ripping i’m going to scale out and scale out position

and i’ll be happy if it doesn’t it comes back and stops me out i know i’ve still taken half off

at that 12 pip scalp target all right guys take care go don’t forget to check out uh pepperstone if you’re interested um and using the c trader platform i believe this this could be unique to pepperstone c trader the way they’ve coded and adjusted this

um but it’s worth checking out uh like i say go and open a demo have a little look play around for yourself and see if it fits in with your style of trading the markets that you trade and your strategy take care guys bye-bye you

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