How to make money with your blog

Blogging can be financially rewarding when done right, today in this article we will talk about how to make money from blogging. So you have gathered some cash to buy domain name and hosting and you have great contents with traffic coming to your website from social media or google search and you want to be compensated for all those hard work but don’t know exactly how to make money from your blog, you get frustrated because you hear a lot of people are making money from their blog but you haven’t made a cent yet. Don’t be frustrated as we will discuss how to make money from your blog.

There are different ways to make money online so which should I choose.

Indeed there are tons of ways to make money online and not all are perfect for everybody. There is partnership with ad networks such as google adsense, native ad networks such as taboola and there is even affiliate networking and even selling of courses.

I believe you get confused with all those videos on youtube about making money because the methods are many, i will recommend you start with something simple and add more monetization channels to your website as it grows.

Running advertisement on your website is the easiest way to make money from your content

By far the easiest way to make money from your content is by running advertisements. There are tons of great ads networks in need of great publishers, some of the most popular ads network are listed below

  1. Google ads
  3. taboola
  4. revcontent
  5. 5.outbrain

All these ads networks listed above make it very easy for publishers to monetize their blogs, all you have to do is place their ad codes on your website and the ads fire up immediately. Most of the ads networks pay per click, that means when a visitor to your blog sees at ad he/she is interested in and clicks the ads you will get paid.

They all have their requirements and payment methods so I suggest you take time to research them , especially their policies. 


Making money online is not rocket science, millions of people do it and you can also do it. I personally use google adsense to monetize my blog as they are flexible and have a wide variety of payment options such as western union. Please share this post


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