How to transfer your namecheap domain to another namecheap account

Welcome to this tutorial where i will teach you how to transfer your namecheap domain from your account to another account. Namecheap domains are the cheapest and the best on the market currently, their renewal rates are very affordable, if you are looking forward to purchasing domains then i will suggest namecheap domains to you as they are trusted by millions of clients worldwide.

Today’s post is about transferring namecheap domains between accounts, i mean from one namecheap account to another namecheap account. I often find the need to transfer domains between various namecheap accounts, actually am a web designer/developer and i have many clients and so this feature from namecheap comes very handy.

Steps to transfer your domain between namecheap accounts

step 1 – Login to your namecheap account

Obviously before you can start transferring domains between namecheap accounts you need to login. If the other person receiving the domain is not registered on namecheap i advise he signs up first by clicking here. If you have forgotten your namecheap account you can reset it here.

Step 2 – Go to your domain dashboard

The next step is to go to your domain dashboard. If you are already logged in you can do so by clicking here. Your namecheap domain dashboard is where all your domains are listed.

Step 3 – Select the domain you want to transfer

The next step to take when you go to the domain listing page on your dashboard is to select the domain you want to transfer, you can do so by clicking the manage tap at the far right corner. Once you click it you will be redirected to that domains settings.

step 4 (final step) – click on sharing and transfer 

On your domain settings page you will find a tab named sharing and transfer, click on it and you will find two options  which is 1) share access and 2) change ownership.

You can use the share access to give other users access to that domain or change ownership if you want to transfer the domain to a new owner.


Namecheap is a very great option for web developers and web designers as it gives a lot of tools for easy domain management, thanks for reading and please share this post.


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