How to Use the cTrader Deal Map to Review Your Trades

in this video trade is going to explore the deal map feature on ctrader stay tuned

hey guys everyone welcome to you alright so ctrader is one of the platforms that pepperstone

provided one of the platforms you can use mt4 is one of the others and the more i use ctrl the more i like it and one of the features on there is the deal map feature which allows you to see your trades after you take them as markdown as kind of profit or loss and we’ll hit the screens in a moment and check it out but one of the

features that perhaps you could use it for one of the reasons you could use it is to review your trades

so while you’re at the end of the day or in the week or whatever time frame you’re trading

print off your trades use the screenshot function or use the snap function plot them uh kind of paste them into your blotter or into your journal or whatever you kind of

use to review your trades print them out and you can see where the clusters of trades are

so you can see if you were trying to work a breakout trade you know how it worked where your best entry was your worst than she was if you’re swinging trading and you’ve got a kind of daily chart you can see

where you entered so it kind of takes a little bit of the legwork away from it especially sometimes on

you know when you’re looking at a specific candle is

with this steel map functionality the actual arrow will

go exactly where they can on the candle where you entered

so you’re not guessing like if you’ve got a big daily candle and you’ve got a swing trade

i know sometimes it’s a lot different if you bought the topic candle the bottom so it shows you kind of approximately on the can as well so anyway we’ll do is hit the screens guys go in the c trader platform pepstone version of c trader platform

and look at this deal map functionality let’s go

hey traders so i’m in the sea trader platform now

from pepperstone and you know how this works guys these guys are our channel sponsors there’s a link to the description below

and i’ve got a commercial agreement with them you know understand how that works uh but the more that i look into this c trader platform the more

i like what i see i think this platform is a

really well thought out platform and peppermint have done some customizations uh for their uh for their own version of it that really are

you know exceptional for the for the for the active trader especially if you’re a scalper if you like trading

in and out of positions if you like you know being very active in

whatever market you’re trading if you’re trading currencies or trading industries whatever it is

um i i’m going to kind of go through those separately in another video because they really do deserve an individual video the advanced protection they’ve been able to move your stop to break even

automatically scale out automatically all this kind of stuff is just you know really useful for the active trader um and like i said guys you know the score check them out link in the description below i’ve got a live account here we’ve been

chuck some money we’re playing around with it um and just getting a feel for the account just seeing what it’s all about

um and you know the more i say the more i use it the more i really

really really like it um so one of the things i do like here

is this deal map facility so i’ve got a um

a little position on here on the nasdaq nasdaq 100 here and what i’m going to do is get rid of this we can go full screen on this and layout we can just get rid of that trade watch the bottom um which by the way uh you know showing you your position that’s showing you all your bits and pieces you can double up your position

you can reverse your position you can also do that from the chart you can double up your position you can reverse position this shield here

will go through separately another video which is talking about

the advanced protection which is a superb

feature absolutely superb um so okay so we’re in here now let’s get rid of this bottom layout here

so we’ve got this um uh chart here and we’ve got uh ability to kind of put what we display what we want on it which is what i like this kind of feature so right clicking uh we have viewing options so we can put our positions on if we don’t see our positions

there’s something to be said for the psychological benefit of not seeing that um but if you’re scalping if you want to see what you are then i get it so that’s a that’s a choice that you can use depending on your your kind of mentality how you’re trading etc

uh you’ve also gotten the viewing options you’ve got orders so if you’ve got your pending orders putting you’ve got stop loss or

take profit orders they’ll go in there a bid price and our surprise like i think that’s too busy myself it’s a one pip spread

um on the on the on the on the announcement equivalent the us 100 um another bits and pieces like this some grid period separators what i want to talk about guys is this deal map i really like this feature

so when you’re in the uh when you’re kind of reviewing your trades you know you want to see um you know what you’ve done what your profit was how it will work et cetera and this automatically puts stuff on you so deal map

i think we’ll do we’ll get rid of this position here so you can just see it um clearly so this deal map

you know basically shows you your trade it shows you

uh if it’s green if it’s profitable it will go red if it’s

if it’s not in profit your position size um where you came out how many pips you made the profit you made

and if you can click on it and keep it highlighted while you’re doing other stuff so

it’s really useful for trade review so for example you know if you’re in your journal um you can kind of scroll back you can see

uh what’s going on you can either print this chart out you know the snapshot feature here or you can do a screenshot and paste it into a journal which is the kind of stuff that i do

when i’m taking the trades but it’s one of those things that you just make your life

easier because you can start to see visually where the clusters of your trades are

so visually you’re always trading around a certain time so you kind of scroll out and go oh you know what

um you know i i made a lot of trades trying to force this break

maybe kind of buying a bit late into the momentum maybe he made a lot of trades trying to

find a reverse or whatever it may be maybe it’s all very very choppy now from from now on you kind of notice the cluster of trades or you know some really good trade

it just shows you visually without you having to kind of annotate it manually and you know this feature be allowing you to go back and kind of highlight bits and pieces and show you what’s red and what’s green

you know it’s a great is a great feature as well so that’s a nice thing to do and in fact you know what dude we’ll just close off this position

uh now you know it’s going to show you a green one again if it was a losing position you could see how it would go red

and it just shows you the difference um in how

uh you know how you’ve performed on that individual trade and one thing as well if you’re kind of taking partial profits so let’s say you know you kind of said okay i want to take out you’ve got i’ve got a

little tester position here but say you want to take out half the position uh as it came up then half again half again half again and keep scaling out it would also show you how it came out of that position so let’s have a look here let’s just put this position uh on here so you’ve got the functionality to um reverse the position to double up on the position or to close the position quickly and then advanced protection something we’ll go through later on so really useful feature guys i like this i like the ability to be able to see

uh exactly what the trades were especially if you’re an active scalper you know if in a one minute chart like this is

it’s just going to show up exactly what’s going on the exact candle because sometimes when you’re reviewing it you kind of mark down bits and you kind of have to go back and it’s quite a hassle to go and see what time was you order put through

what time did i do this what time to do that was it the bottom of the candle was at the top of the candle you know where exactly was the deal done

whereas here it’s highlighted exactly where it is so you can see ah you know what i was a bit late i kind of all that shuddered in to caught me out or whatever your kind of review is but i think it’s just a very helpful and useful tool to use that’s the deal map feature

make sure you stick around guys i’m going to go through this really good advanced protection features that they’ve got i got a little teaser for you

um being able to take your profit move your stop-loss to break even some fantastic features that are only available

on this platform so stick around guys keep the risk manager whatever you’re doing do check out pepperstone go and see if they’re right for you uh you know link in the description below have a look at the website look at the regulation

uh look at the margin requirements look at what they trade look at what they offer

um but as i say the more and more i look at this c trader platform

um the more and more i like it take care guys bye-bye


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