Look For Patterns Other Traders Aren’t Looking For!

in this video guys we’re going to look at why you should look for patterns that no one else looks for stay tuned

hatred is very warm welcome to you let’s check out our channel sponsors a link submit in the description below but in this video what I want to talk about is looking for patterns that no one else looks for now listen technicals are all great we’ve got our bull flag we’ve got a double tops or double bottoms head and shoulders if you like that kind of stuff trend line breaks all this other stuff that we know is out there guys and everybody knows it it’s a classic technical stuff I think that you have to go a little bit deeper and maybe kind of wrap it up a little bit differently to get the most of it and I talked about that in my price action program where you use the filters and the triggers to get onto momentum ignition strategies absortion strategies and yes they are based on solid technical patterns but a little bit of a twist to them and that’s the kind of recipe that I’ve used for many many years and works really really well the other thing that I’ve talked about at the end recently they’ve got a recent update is the trading algorithms when to spot the Institutional algorithms on a time of day and this is exactly the first thing here guys this is one of the things you should be looking out for whatever the market you’re trading if you can see a pattern that a specific time of day you have a move

generally speaking you could assume that may be an institutional algorithm it might be just a buying program that’s kicking in at a certain time

whatever again I’ve kind of I’ve done some it got in sexual detail about this in that particular module and I would kind of thought about you know who is it what is it doesn’t really matter we’re talking about times when stuff does restarts kick in and how to spot those institutional now goes but regardless of that whatever market you’re trading always keep an eye out for these price patterns always keep an eye out for a specific time of day where something happens you know many many years ago that were used to trade the footsie you know like 15 years ago or so and the footsie would move always at 3:15 so you’d have this just odd time would always have a drive and it happened for weeks and weeks and weeks so of course what do you do you end up going long before 3:15 and you cash out as soon as the kind of runs out takes out Friday’s a prior um and candle oh so you know these are the kind of things that happen time and time again guys you know you going noon movie get this time move so look whatever market you’re trading look with it’s crude oil gold whatever currency just keep an eye out for stuff that is happening day after day after day or most of its not always gonna happen but day after that then again keep your risk manager understand that it’s not always gonna happen after the stop-loss because sometimes higher time frame money well even if there is a buying program for example at a certain time just because they’re raised doesn’t mean it’s going to go up because you could have a lot of sellers still pushing down on it so doesn’t necessarily move the price but if you know it’s coming they’ve got their idea it’s coming you can position so time of day moves are well worth looking out for everyone’s looking out for and guys everyone’s looking to this heaviness shoulders of support resistance we’re just fine but it just like an extra little bit of a nuance an extra layer of energy you can add the other thing is gap tendencies your Eastern a sort of study which showed that the rally the recent rally most of it is done overnight in other words the market the equity rally the markets gapping up and yes we’re getting some movement intraday but if it kind of split up the games from intraday moves through overnight moves and it was worlds apart basically if you just went along at the open and clutter and closed it at the close it gains would be minimal if you went long at the close and close that position at the open this confused people with open or closed but you get the idea if you’re traded the gap then your gains were huge so it’s a gap tendency so when you know the gap tendency right well there’s a tendency for markets a gap up at the moment why don’t I told trades overnight if I can accept the risk especially the equities where you’re giving up the risk and you can’t control the risk overnight but these kind of things you know understanding the gap tendency in the market if we’re trading a market with gaps then what about other markets dictating flow it sort of mean but this is for it sometimes what market will dictate the movement of another this is happening less and less and less but sometimes they’ll come back in Spanish or it will for example you might find that natural gas has you know it’s moving based off crude oil it’s almost like it’s a five minute delay you might find that certain sectors are moving off another sector and there’s a bit of a delay you know very often guys there isn’t the market you think you might think okay well it’s gonna be gold and silver item I think it’s gonna be if FedEx UPS we’re going to be a cup pears for example but very often sometimes you know one move a dollar index might move and that might cause selling wave on the Nasdaq or something you know the idea is that and these are harder to spot and maybe they are happening but you know you have to do a lot of legwork but sometimes the markets you’re watching you go hang on a second you know every time I see crude oil get a bid

you know God seems to get a bit and if sometimes the most obscure things and you might be say well it is a pattern well if you start to look for you start to say well when I see some money flow coming in to X Y seems to see some money for y seem to seen some see some selling then you could trade yourself a normal trade position understand the risk put stop-loss in and play that way moves off the news so one of the millet is very often you know we have patterns where let’s say interest rates coming up if it’s fed it was at boa or BOJ whatever you know the same level of move so yes we can always look and say okay how far we’re going to move on we’re going to buy a pullback we’re going to fade it but very often you can extrapolate that out you can extend that out and go right that’s the 100 pips what do we do last time or within 95 wouldn’t do last time all in 98 or 104 all right rock assume that a spike is gonna be about 100 pips how do I play that when I don’t in the direction because the direction was been mixed but I can may beat up to fade accept the fact that I might get run over if it’s a surprise announcement obviously risk management rules come into play a guys but you might say okay well if it comes down it’s not a it’s not a kind of surprise I can then put an order in to fade at 100 pips for retraced move back based on the fact that I’ve seen the market move that number so again no sure thing you’ve got risk with everything you do but you’re doing stuff and you’re looking for patterns that others on the other thing might be open closed pattern in other words do you see very often at the open a big drive then shuts off do you see I kind of drive one direction for a few minutes for a while we’re at this guy’s it was a lovely little trade drive market would drive in one direction for about three minutes then just bang it would reverse heavily so you could just trade it and say well after three minutes of non direction I’ll fade it and you’d often get this move it would chug one way then all of a sudden up a sweeping candle that would take out the load take out the open look like it was brutal and it was just kind of just shut off and so we had this for a while used to be nice to Lerner we could just do that play that in these little patterns and nuances may well happen and make a couple more days out of them you might find you get a couple more months out of them and you just keep trading them don’t always work of course but if you’ve got this little edge it really helps you another thing is X day moves or X number of days moves you know sometimes you will see that markets we know the three-day rule if you haven’t checked out my video on the three day rule go and have a look very often markets moving three days then retrace or contract a little bit but you might also find that there’s you know new kind of new nuances you know maybe crude oil does two days of drive retest Salo and then goes you know and you say hey this patterns happened time and time and time again and again what we’re looking for here isn’t the pure technicals isn’t a head and shoulders isn’t the bullfrag isn’t a trend line break all the other good stuff it’s just something that you will spot because you are sitting in front of the screen you are reading price you are a price action trader you’re reading tape and you’re saying hey you know what I keep seeing this happen time and time again is there a trade idea off this how can i front run this idea if I assume that this thing’s going to happen again in the future how can I manage the risk and how can I take advantage of it no sure thing but when you start to look for these patterns that others aren’t looking for then they can be super super powerful and you guys don’t forget to check out our channel sponsor there’s a link to the description below and I think we’ve got a link down there as well if you wanna check out my price action program take care to the next one buh-bye


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