This one feature from namecheap makes domain management easy

I love namecheap, in fact namecheap is my favorite domain provider. Today I will talk about one feature of namecheap that makes domain management very easy for developers and programmers. Managing lots and lots of domains is not easy especially when you work alone and so having a helping hand makes things faster. Luckily namecheap makes domain management very easy and simple and that is what we are going to explore in this post.

Namecheap domain price

We will start by talking a little about namecheap, we will start with namecheap domain price. Namecheap domain starts at 10$ but with a coupon it is really cheap at 8.8$. The renewal price of domains at namecheap also stands at 11$.

Domain management made easy with namecheap

I remember i bought some domains, about 20,  from godaddy and i wanted to add new users to individual domains but quickly found out it was not possible to do that. Normally i buy domains from namecheap but unfortunately namecheap does not support domains which is the country level domain for south africans so i switched to godaddy to my regret. 

I realized when i delegate domains on my godaddy account the new user has access to all my domains, i mean all my domains even though i need him to access just one domain. This means even the domain you don’t want the new user to see is exposed all because of godaddy inefficiency, and i had this feature in namecheap.

Namecheap makes domain management very easy by allowing access to specific domains on the dashboard without exposing all your other domains. If you are a web developer/designer you can allow your clients to access and manage their domains without exposing the domains of other clients to them, this feature has made domain management very easy.


I will say well done to namecheap for including these designs and I hope they include more country level domains such as domains. If you want a better domain registrar I recommend namecheap to you. You can visit namecheap here.


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