Traders Mastermind – More Weekly Live Calls Now Added!

traders mastermind is back guys we are now reopen we had to close it down because i just wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly i wanted to make sure i had as much value as possible

i wanted to set up this slack group which talked about the moment the community

i wanted to dial in the calls i wanted to adjust things without having to kind of speak to new members and stuff so i had to close it down i know many of you come on the waiting list but we’re now open if you’re on there you might receive the email already if you haven’t watching this go and check it out traders so what is it

what do you get and what’s it all about so basically guys i have

developed this to give you as much value as possible

it’s a very very low monthly fee and really if you get just one small thing over the month and you’re getting a lot of stuff per week you are going to 10x your investment it’s a very very small investment i wanted it like i wanted to be

accessible for the majority of people regardless of whether you’re running a two grand account or a 200 grand account i

wanted to be that but as long as you have a professional attitude because we are about support we’re about the community we’re about growth and we’re getting a

we’re finding a kind of commonality here you know the group has been going for a while

and we’re finding that hey everyone has got this thing in common they’re all trying to

push forward everyone’s challenged with discipline everyone’s

kind of struggling with one thing or another and we’re all grouping together and i would go out on a limb to say that almost everybody if not everybody has at least made some progress some people have made huge progress

some people made a little bit of progress but everyone in it is getting value from it

if they’re taking the taking the time to access the resources and do the calls and stuff

on there so what do you get so mastermind call live on zoom every week this is the kind of big call if you like i was normally 60 minutes or so sometimes 90 minutes

is where i run the call it’s live it’s on zoom you’re probably familiar with zoom who isn’t

and we kind of sometimes i spend a little bit time talking about something that’s been mentioned in the community over training going on till

sorting out a trading journal how to deal with uh fomo

uh pulling the trigger you know all the stuff that comes up day to day struggling with

mindset confidence i might talk a little bit about that and then

the kind of main theme of it is that we all are sitting all sitting there some people are on camera somebody on microphone only some people are kind of sick and listening

but there’s enough people so that we go around and i will say hey how are you getting on your trading and someone will share what’s happened to them in the week and they’ll say hey

i’m really struggling with this and then i might make a suggestion

others then may take the microphone they may make suggestions

we handle may get over hurdles each as a community

you know loads of examples recently of traders who

have been struggling with something come on the call talked about this we’ve all chipped in with suggestions

they’ve gone away they have then got over that hurdle they’ve used the accountability club in slack we’ve talked about in a moment to kind of cement this

and then next week on the call they’re like great i was going to do this i was going to do this old habit

and i stepped back i remembered what you guys have said and i’m feeling better about it and i’m moving forward and guys we’ve had some serious breakthroughs some serious breakthroughs on people in the group and that’s really

really nice to see and others you know moving forward moving forward and that’s what it’s about

so that’s the main call and we have that once a week it’s live on zoom and if you can’t access that for whatever reason we also record that and i’ll upload it i get it uploaded as soon as possible after and it gets added to the mastermind vault talk about in a second

now these exciting additions that i’ve added we’ve got an fx and commodity live call again every week

so this is when we will talk about setups and strategies

and levels and operational type things in the currency markets in the commodity market uh again live call

charts it’s a more of a imaging a prop firm you know prop firm you’re looking for setups and strategies and ideas that is there and that’s the time to do that and one thing to point out guys these everything’s optional you don’t have to come to it definitely encourage you to come to definitely the main call but if you find that’s too much noise you find your own strategy and stuff then you know by all means this is why i’ve split it up

so it’s not all in one blob if you like you can come

and say hey i wouldn’t mind some ideas for currencies i wouldn’t mind to see what people are thinking about this and again we kind of group look at markets group look at things and levels and ideas

uh for the coming week or the coming days or whatever it may be um and and do that then we’ve got stocks indices live call

same kind of thing again this is a short call we have once a week

talking through stock ideas trade ideas what’s been working what patterns are working the people are

finding that’s working quite nicely that others can benefit from

what levels are we’re looking at what stocks we’re watching all this kind of stuff again operational type things so there’s your three weekly calls there now you also get access to the mastermind recording vault so all of these calls

are recorded and put in the members area you can log in with your member name and password and access at any time and replay them so if you miss one for whatever reason miss one of these calls and a lot of people kind of you have life stuff gets in the way

not a problem you can go back look at the call access the call

and see what’s going on but the the kind of the good thing guys is

i will go to special guest videos in a moment is you’ve now got access to the members only slack community and this is really becoming you know such a great addition it’s something they’ve done in the past

few weeks and running the course for a while but the past few weeks out of this slack community it is a community where people

have different channels we have accountability club we have trade setups we have trading plans where people are posting their trading plans

we have trained psychology we have links we have general and it is super busy guys there are so many people who are contributing

it’s a fantastic community to be in i’m dipping in and out of it

others are adding value to it uh people are asking questions people are being very open with their training challenges and getting some support and ideas and help to push through those challenges some people are asking the beginners are asking very simple questions and getting the answers that to more advanced people who are managing you know larger sums of money who are talking about more advanced strategies and strategic things again it’s a great community and again one thing in common guys people from all over the world by the way but one thing in common is the desire to improve

and to be better and that i can see that with everybody who’s involved with that so that’s that’s worth it alone that slack community that has just become a real gem and a real kind of jewel in the offer

for members but again the live call and the other thing so now you get access to all this stuff

and also we get special guest videos uh the last special guest was a personal trainer and bodybuilder had him doing a brief

um about an hour maybe 30 minutes call i talked to him about some of the nutrition and kind of health benefits and

um you know muscle imbalances that perhaps we get as traders because we’re all hunched over the things staring the screen so that’s something

and i’ve got loads more in the pipeline guys i’ve got so many ideas and special guests

to bring in again to help you and to add value so

if you think this is something that you will benefit from if you think you will benefit from

being having the support of a community if you think you’ll benefit from accountability

if you think you’ll benefit from kind of a little bit more education a little bit more learning

you think you’ll benefit from looking at some charts from time to time you think you’ll benefit from being able to event in the community you think you’d benefit from

having the being surrounded with like-minded people and one of our things is surround yourself with people on the same

mission as you because that’s exactly what’s about surrounding and several people going in the same direction improving their training and knowing how to improve their training anyways that’s credit’s mastermind go and check it out traders

it is open uh now for you

i hope to see you in there i really think you’ll get exceptional value from it and you’ll start to see some real good improvements

in your trading take care bye-bye you

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