Trading Books You Must Read; Best ‘Trading Story’ Books

hey traders in this video we’re going to talk about trading storybooks some of the best that are out there stay tuned hey guys everyone welcome to thanks for joining me alright so i kind of categorized training books into three you have the textbook types trading that go through strategies i’ve got sorts of charts in there got lots of different setups and stuff there ones that i’ve got kind of on my life which may just go like the complete day trader uh taylor trading technique and they’re great from a perspective of perhaps getting a bit of inspiration to uh get a new strategy or tweak and adjust the stress you’ve got and see how uh other ideas and stuff and they they play a role then you’ve got the training psychology book so brett steen bar just superb uh trading psychologist amongst many others out there denise schull as well you know these these are good books
and they approach it from a mindset perspective from discipline from all the trained psychology this is a massive subject on its own um very very useful books to have only a third category
and for me that’s a trading story book so it’s normally uh
written about or by a
great trader or successful trader that’s kind of right in the thick of the career or you know at the peak of their career perhaps their different stage of their career or whatever the point is they’ve gone through a lot of journey in their trading they’ve found a lot of success in their trading and they’re really interesting to me because each story is obviously unique to the person
the journey they’ve had and they’re all very very different different markets they’ve traded how they’ve got into the markets and what they’ve traded how they’ve traded where they’ve run funds whether they’ve been friendly for their self or their trade in a kind of proper environment all these kind of different things there’s a lot of similarities as well so you start to note down the similarities of what
are the attributes of great training and you can work on them more yourself so the perseverance the patience the sitting on hands the risk management all these kind of things but yet there’s a lot of different things in each story that’s very unique to the person so you can think right well i kind of very good at this let me try and get good at this and better at this so i think they’re really and they’re entertaining as well because obviously they’re talking about anecdotes and stories from their training career so i’ve got a few for you here guys you’ve got any more that i’ve missed out then please you know stick in the comment section below i know there’s lots of ones out there that perhaps aren’t as popular so they don’t get recommended on amazon and they’re not heard of but it’s a few hidden gems out there and a few guys have recommended books before that i’ve gone out i’ve not seen that got it got it and it’s been a fantastic book so you know stick in the comment section below if you’ve got a kind of storybook that’s a trading related storybook
uh that’s not in this list okay first one of course everyone knows this reminiscence of a stock operator i’ve got multiple different versions for whatever reason this is a well-thumbed copy super book one of the classics we’ve talked about this many times before loads and loads of lessons from this uh jesse livermore native spoiler book but very very good book and and just even though it’s set you know many years ago suddenly the lessons are so so important got a little bit careful because the ending wasn’t so great for him but uh nevertheless the whole wealth accumulation and the trading and lots of the lessons very very useful
uh to kind of take into account today as well so the second one is the day trader from pick to pc
um a little bit less known but great book nevertheless
uh luis barcellino used to be a local in the s p 500 pit one of the biggest locals in there
a very successful trader talks a little bit about his journey from
going from the pit uh to the pc obviously that’s what’s called that number three pitbull one of my favorite books uh this is uh marty schwartz talks again about this uh
a trader very s very specialist trader aggressive trader
uh a very good kind of um traditional type trader if you like so just focus purely on
the aspect of making money not not going too deep into analysis
not um you know thinking too much about them
from my perspective is what i get from i don’t know the guy but this is kind of thing he was really literally just looking at patterns in the market spotting things opportunities and then just hitting them as aggressively as you could and not thinking too much about it and you know very successful with that approach and interesting as well a couple of these guys talk about managing uh other people’s money which is i think kind of interesting uh especially if you’re into that or considering doing that kind of thing right third one and the fit well uh sorry the fourth one guys inside the house of money this is really uh trading interviews so it’s very similar to the market wizards series i love the market wizard series you probably have
at least read one of them as many and there’s another one coming out soon as well
um not necessarily stories as such but i kind of put them in that category because
they’re not psychology they’re not textbooks and you know jack schwager particularly the market wizards is very good at coaxing out stories as well from some of the traders he’s very good at interviewing them and getting interesting little anecdotes about trades and about you know lessons and stuff so i consider them trading storybooks any of the market wizard books
are worth getting in fact they’re all worth getting hedge fund market wizards i particularly enjoyed
and also this one as well inside the house of money very very similar type book
uh it’s you know literally talking to hedge fund managers i think it’s all hedge fund management a while since i’ve read this uh but again similar type of things stories anecdotes etcetera and the final one i’ve got for you guys i’ve got it here is linda bradford one of my all-time favorite uh traders trading sardines great little story book i don’t think you can get on amazon yet i think i’ll get it from her site i’ve talked about this exclusively before so i won’t go
uh too much into it or spoil it for you but again a bit of a story
uh about oh well a story uh really about her career as a trader how she started out some of the things she’s done wrong some of the kind of personal aspects of trading some kind of great stories about trades that went right trades that went wrong just a nice good book to have and to kind of
relax into and enjoy because we enjoy the markets we enjoy hearing about trading sometimes we’re in focus and learn mode which is where we might come in with the operational type books and the psychology type books
but these storybooks are you know they’re entertaining as well as educational from a training perspective so are well worth getting and picking up and kind of reading in your in your down time anyways like i said you’ve got any stories
uh books or trading story books that i’ve missed out and i mean
if you watch the video you know what i mean by story books stick in the comment section below while it down there you know check out our channel sponsor take care guys see you next month bye bye you

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