Why i use google ads for my business

I used to not consider ads at all especially in the good old days of Facebook days where it’s very easy to grow  Facebook pages and groups to drive massive traffic from it but that massive traffic quickly diminished when Facebook introduced the notorious news feed algorithm.


 I found myself, and many others who relied on facebook for traffic ,wanting when traffic kept on diminishing and had to quickly find a way to get traffic back to normal. It was then that a friend introduced me to Google ads and I haven’t looked back since.


Wait!!! Google ads is expensive


One of the things that scare people whenever anyone mentions Google ads is , THEY ARE EXPENSIVE”. Seriously I don’t know where people got this mindset from, I run Google ads for as low as 0.02 cent per click. Believe me Google ads is one of the cheapest sources of highly targeted traffic with the highest conversion rate , far higher than Facebook.


Hire a professional


If you don’t have the knowledge and don’t have enough time to study in detail how to setup Google ads and make profit from it then it’s better to hire a professional to take care of your campaign.


Many people, especially CEO’s in an attempt to save money will decide to run campaigns all by themselves without prior knowledge on how to run and also manage ads.


You only pay when visitors click on ads


Google ads pay per click means you only pay when you ads get clicks which i believe is value for money. This ensures that every click leads a visitor to your website.


Make your landing page fast


Google still charges you when your landing page is slow, when your landing page is slow it will cost you many clicks as your bounce rate will be higher than normal.



If you want highly targeted visitors with the highest conversion rate then you have to try google ads. You can start advertising with google ads for just 10$, google ads also offer coupons from 50$ to 100$ for first time users.

Unfortunately these coupons are not available for every country but only selected regions. 


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